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Action of FPL 52694 on gastric acid secretion in the healthy human stomach.
  1. H J Reimann,
  2. U Schmidt,
  3. B Ultsch,
  4. T J Sullivan,
  5. P Wendt


    In a double blind crossover experiment in 16 healthy male volunteers, the effects of oral FPL 52694 and a matching placebo upon pentagastrin stimulated gastric acid secretion, gastric mucosal histamine content, and gastric mucosal mast cell count were compared. There was a significant increase in acid secretion, and a fall in tissue histamine and the mast cell count after treatment with the placebo. All these changes were inhibited by FPL 52694, and there was a significant difference between the effects of this compound and the placebo in all three parameters. It is concluded that FPL 52694 caused significant inhibition of acid secretion, and that the likely mechanism of action is by stabilisation of mast cells and inhibition of histamine release.

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