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Antisecretory activity of pirenzepine versus cimetidine in man: a controlled study.
  1. F Procacciante,
  2. G Citone,
  3. C Montesani,
  4. G Ribotta


    Antisecretory effect of single oral therapeutic doses of pirenzepine (25 mg and 50 mg) and cimetidine (200 mg and 400 mg) was studied in 12 patients with duodenal ulcer. Gastric secretion was studied in basal condition and after stimulation with pentagastrin. Basal, maximum and peak acid output, basal and maximum acidity, and basal and maximum volume were calculated after computerised correction for pyloric loss and duodenal reflux. Both drugs showed dose-related inhibition of all facets of gastric secretion. Cimetidine (200 mg) had a greater inhibitory effect on gastric basal secretion, but a similar effect on pentagastrin stimulated secretion as with pirenzepine (50 mg). Cimetidine (400 mg) showed about twice the inhibitory activity of pirenzepine (50 mg) both on basal and stimulated secretion.

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