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Multiple and recurrent inflammatory fibroid polyps in three generations of a Devon family: a new syndrome.
  1. P P Anthony,
  2. D S Morris,
  3. K D Vowles


    The recurrence of multiple inflammatory fibroid polyps is reported in three generations of a Devon family. Only one female in each has been affected in a direct line of descent. The grandmother has had nine polyps resected over 11 years, the mother seven over 18 years, and the daughter six over six years. None of the patients or their relatives are known to have any allergies, dietary fads, or gastrointestinal infections. Chromosome studies have been normal in two patients. No cancer risk has been identified. Conventional histology, electron microscopy, and immunohistology suggest that the lesion is a self-limiting proliferation of histiocytes; the initiating event or stimulus remains unknown. A genetic factor is likely to operate in this unique family which is probably polygenic and multifactorial in nature.

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