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Coeliac disease in monozygotic twin girls. Synchronous presentation.
  1. F A Khuffash,
  2. M H Barakat,
  3. H A Majeed,
  4. A G White,
  5. A J Beseda


    A pair of monozygotic twin girls with coeliac disease is reported. The diagnosis was made on clinical and biochemical evidence of malabsorption, characteristic histological findings, and clinical, biochemical, and histological response to gluten elimination. Monozygosity was established on finding a single placenta at birth, exact similarity of physical appearance, similar blood group, and histocompatibility antigens, and negative reaction in mixed lymphocyte culture. This is one of six well documented cases of coeliac disease in monozygotic twins and may throw light on the importance of genetic and environmental factors in the causation and expression of the disease.

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