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Loperamide has antisecretory activity in the human jejunum in vivo.
  1. S Hughes,
  2. N B Higgs,
  3. L A Turnberg


    We investigated the possibility that loperamide might influence absorption and secretion in the human jejunum in vivo. Using a triple lumen tube perfusion technique in healthy normal volunteers we showed that loperamide did not affect net absorption of water or electrolytes under basal condition. When secretion was induced by prostaglandin E2, however, loperamide significantly reduced that secretion and in three out of six subjects secretion was abolished. Loperamide was effective when it was given either before or after secretion had been initiated. The results lend support to the suggestion that the antidiarrhoeal activities of loperamide may include an antisecretory effect.

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