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Is raised plasma peptide YY after intestinal resection in the rat responsible for the trophic response?
  1. A P Savage,
  2. G E Gornacz,
  3. T E Adrian,
  4. M A Ghatei,
  5. R A Goodlad,
  6. N A Wright,
  7. S R Bloom


    The relationship between the adaptive response and plasma PYY concentrations after small bowel resection has been investigated. Seventy five per cent proximal small bowel resection resulted in a rise in plasma PYY at six days from 28 +/- 3.1 to 85 +/- 12.3 pmol/l (p less than 0.001) and this difference was maintained to 48 days. Plasma PYY correlates both with crypt cell production rate (CCPR) in the ileum and with plasma enteroglucagon levels. In a second study, PYY or saline was infused over a 12 day period. There were no significant changes in intestinal wet weight or CCPR in any part of the bowel studied. This indicates that it is unlikely that PYY exerts a major trophic effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

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