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Treatment of patients with pancreatic endocrine tumours using a new long-acting somatostatin analogue symptomatic and peptide responses.
  1. S M Wood,
  2. M E Kraenzlin,
  3. T E Adrian,
  4. S R Bloom


    Seven patients with gut and pancreatic endocrine tumours have been treated with a long acting somatostatin analogue (SMS 201-995), given as a twice daily subcutaneous injection. This produced dramatic improvement in their endocrine related symptoms, in association with a fall in circulating tumour peptides. One of these patients has now been treated for seven months with this analogue which has controlled his previously life threatening diarrhoea caused by a malignant VIP secreting tumour. He gives his own injections twice daily, and has returned to a full and active life. This is a promising agent both for acute treatment of peptide hypersecretion, and for the long term management of some patients who are unresponsive to other available therapy.

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