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Analysis of the antigenic composition of liver specific lipoprotein using murine monoclonal antibodies.
  1. K H Wiedmann,
  2. L K Trejdosiewicz,
  3. A H Goodall,
  4. H C Thomas


    Eight monoclonal antibodies have been raised to antigenic determinants within the liver specific lipoprotein complex. Five of these determinants were species and the others non-species specific. No liver specific determinants were identified. Liver specific lipoprotein antigens recognised by the eight monoclonal antibodies were located either on the hepatocyte membrane and/or along the sinusoidal lining wall or in the cytoplasm of liver parenchymal cells. All antibodies but one reacted with the cell membrane of viable human hepatocytes. The molecular weights of four liver specific lipoprotein-determinants were determined by immunoprecipitation. These ranged from 22 000 to 164 000 daltons.

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