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Prevention of duodenal ulcers in the rat using a combination of ranitidine and sucralphate in subtherapeutic doses.
  1. S Bank,
  2. H Zimmerman,
  3. C Smolow,
  4. V Kranz


    This study investigated whether ulcer prevention would be greater with the combined use of an acid-inhibiting agent, ranitidine, given together with a mucosal-protective agent, sucralphate. Duodenal ulcers were induced in rats with the secretagogues pentagastrin and bethanechol. Subtherapeutic doses of ranitidine (5 mg/kg/6 hours) and sucralphate (50 mg/6 hour) yielded an ulcer index of 4.0 and 4.1 respectively, not significantly different from the control (untreated) ulcer index of 4.3. Therapeutic doses of ranitidine (20 mg/kg) and sucralphate (200 mg/animal) gave an ulcer index of 0.4 and 0.5 respectively. Subtherapeutic doses of ranitidine and sucralphate given in combination yielded an ulcer index of 0.7. Thus, subtherapeutic doses of ranitidine and sucralphate given in combination had a synergistic effect equal to therapeutic doses of each of these drugs given alone. The therapeutic implications of combined acid inhibiting drugs with mucosal protective drugs is discussed.

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