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Intestinal function and intestinal blood supply: a 20 year surgical study.
  1. A Marston,
  2. J M Clarke,
  3. J Garcia Garcia,
  4. A L Miller


    The experience of The Middlesex Hospital in the investigation and management of chronic intestinal arterial occlusion (IAO) over a 20 year period is presented. Of some 100 patients referred only 28 were found to have IAO and these were critically evaluated in terms of insorptive and exsorptive function. No relation was found between intestinal performance and the degree of potential ischaemia suggested by angiography. Twenty two patients underwent reconstruction of the coeliac axis and mesenteric arteries, with three perioperative deaths. The remainder were followed for periods ranging between six months and 10 years. Of these, 15 are asymptomatic, one is unchanged, and one is subjectively worse. The role of elective surgery in relation to the visceral arteries is critically discussed in the light of these results, and in the perspective of the world experience.

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