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Effect of loperamide and naloxone on mouth-to-caecum transit time evaluated by lactulose hydrogen breath test.
  1. G Basilisco,
  2. A Bozzani,
  3. G Camboni,
  4. M Recchia,
  5. M Quatrini,
  6. D Conte,
  7. R Penagini,
  8. P A Bianchi


    The effect of loperamide and naloxone on mouth-to-caecum transit time was evaluated by the lactulose hydrogen breath test in four men and four women. Each subject underwent tests during the administration of placebo, loperamide (12-16 mg po), naloxone (40 micrograms/kg/h by a three-hour intravenous infusion), and loperamide plus naloxone, carried out at intervals of one or two weeks. The transit time was significantly longer after loperamide, and this effect was antagonised by the concomitant administration of naloxone whereas naloxone administered alone had no effect on mean transit time. No clinically important side effects were reported.

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