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Therapeutic benefits from a poorly absorbed prednisolone enema in distal colitis.
  1. P B McIntyre,
  2. F A Macrae,
  3. L Berghouse,
  4. J English,
  5. J E Lennard-Jones


    A double blind controlled trial has been conducted in 40 patients to compare the therapeutic effects of prednisolone metasulphobenzoate enemas with those of prednisolone-21-phosphate enemas. Both enemas brought about improvement in symptoms and sigmoidoscopic appearances in more than 70% of patients treated. The absorption of prednisolone from the metasulphobenzoate enema in three patients was less than from the 21-phosphate enema. In view of the low plasma prednisolone concentrations obtained, there are theoretical advantages in using a poorly absorbed enema to avoid the possibility of systemic steroid effects in patients requiring long term steroid treatment.

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