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Effect of toxin A and B of Clostridium difficile on rabbit ileum and colon.
  1. T J Mitchell,
  2. J M Ketley,
  3. S C Haslam,
  4. J Stephen,
  5. D W Burdon,
  6. D C Candy,
  7. R Daniel


    The effect of purified toxin A and partially purified toxin B on rabbit ileum and colon was investigated. Toxin A caused tissue damage which was followed by permeability changes and fluid accumulation in both tissues. Toxin A did not increase the permeability of the colon to the extent observed for ileum; secreted fluid contained less protein of plasma origin. Toxin B had no effect on either tissue. Secretory and tissue damaging properties of crude C difficile toxins were found to be due to toxin A.

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