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Campylobacter like organisms in duodenal and antral endoscopic biopsies: relationship to inflammation.
  1. B J Johnston,
  2. P I Reed,
  3. M H Ali


    In 66 endoscopic duodenal biopsies studied retrospectively and in 84 paired duodenal and antral biopsies assessed prospectively campylobacter like organisms were seen in 22 (33%) of the retrospectively examined duodenal biopsies and in 61 (73%) examined prospectively, and in 70 (83%) of antral biopsies. In the duodenum the organisms were mostly confined to the surface epithelium in areas showing gastric metaplasia, while in the antrum they were also found within superficial glands. A strong association was shown between the presence of campylobacter like organisms and histological active duodenal inflammation.

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