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Acid, pepsin, and mucus secretion in patients with gastric and duodenal ulcer before and after colloidal bismuth subcitrate (De-Nol).
  1. J H Baron,
  2. J Barr,
  3. J Batten,
  4. R Sidebotham,
  5. J Spencer


    Basal and pentagastrin stimulated gastric secretion was measured in seven patients with duodenal, and six with gastric ulcers before and after four weeks' treatment with colloidal bismuth subcitrate (as De-Nol), one tablet four times a day. Each duodenal and all but one of the gastric ulcers healed. After De-Nol there were no significant changes in basal, or pentagastrin stimulated volume, acid output, or primary parietal component. There were marked decreases in basal (duodenal ulcer -25%; gastric ulcer -16%) and pentagastrin stimulated total pepsin outputs, (duodenal ulcer -42%, gastric ulcer -36%). There were insignificant decreases in basal output of mucus, but postpentagastrin stimulated mucus output was significantly inhibited (p less than 0.05) in patients with duodenal (-16%) and with gastric ulcer (-27%). The drop in gastric proteolysis after De-Nol is unlikely to be because of the healing of the ulcers and is more likely to be because of the drug. The ulcer healing efficacy of De-Nol may be related to this decline in the proteolytic action of gastric juice, but is unlikely to be because of a quantitative change in mucus, or in acid secretion.

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