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Comparative trial of sodium cromoglycate enemas with prednisolone enemas in the treatment of ulcerative colitis.
  1. R H Grace,
  2. A E Gent,
  3. M D Hellier


    A double blind multicentre study comparing sodium cromoglycate (600 mg/100 ml) by enema with prednisolone (20 mg/100 ml) by enema is reported. The study was conducted over a nine week period in the treatment of 70 patients with ulcerative colitis. Analysis of symptoms showed significant decreases in scores for patients in both groups, both at four and eight weeks; the only difference between the two groups was a significantly greater improvement in the reduction of rectal bleeding after four weeks in the prednisolone group. On sigmoidoscopy, both treatment groups showed a highly significant improvement after four and eight weeks with no significant differences being seen between the groups. Histology of the rectal biopsies showed a significant improvement in the inflammation of the mucosa for both treatment groups after four and eight weeks with no differences being observed between the groups. There were no significant changes in eosinophils from baseline and no difference between the groups at four and eight weeks.

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