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Demonstration of pepsinogen C in human pancreatic islets.
  1. P B Szecsi,
  2. H Halgreen,
  3. S S Poulsen,
  4. C K Axelsson,
  5. M Damkjaer-Nielsen,
  6. T Kjaer,
  7. B Foltmann
  1. Department of Clinical Chemistry, Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark.


    Pancreatic tissue from 16 post mortem kidney donors have been examined for the content of pepsinogens. A zymogen with electrophoretic mobility, isoelectric point and molecular weight equal to that of pepsinogen C of gastric origin was found in all specimens. A comparison between pepsinogen C extracted from pancreatic tissue and gastric mucosa demonstrated immunological identity. Quantitative measurements with a radioimmunoassay showed pepsinogen C concentrations in pancreatic tissue three to 80 times higher than those of blood serum. Immunohistochemical staining gave positive reaction for pepsinogen C only in the alpha cells of the pancreatic islets.

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