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Periampullary cyst: a surgically remediable cause of pancreatitis.
  1. I Kalvaria,
  2. P C Bornman,
  3. A H Girdwood,
  4. I N Marks


    We report two patients with periampullary cysts associated with recurrent attacks of acute pancreatitis. In both patients the diagnosis was made preoperatively by upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and ERCP, which was also useful in determining the relationship of the cysts to the biliary and pancreatic ductal systems. Simple marsupialisation of the cysts resulted in long term relief of symptoms. Congenital cystic anomalies in the second part of the duodenum should be diligently sought in patients with pancreatitis of unexplained cause, as surgical therapy is safe and effective.

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