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Inhibition of meal stimulated gastric acid secretion by an octapeptide somatostatin analogue SMS 201-995.
  1. J A Olsen,
  2. F B Loud,
  3. J Christiansen


    A dose response study of the effect of an octapeptide somatostatin analogue, SMS 201-995, on meal stimulated gastric acid secretion was carried out in 12 healthy volunteers. Infusion of SMS 201-995 in a dose of 50 pmol/kg/h almost completely abolished the acid response to the meal. Pl-gastrin was significantly decreased during infusion of 10 pmol/kg/h of SMS 201-995 and insulin was significantly inhibited during infusion of 50 pmol/kg/h. SMS 201-995 in a dose of 50 pmol/kg/h inhibited basal and submaximal pentagastrin stimulated acid secretion by 77% and 84% respectively (p less than 0.01). On a molar basis SMS 201-995 is substantially more potent than natural somatostatin in inhibiting gastric acid secretion.

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