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Prognosis of chronic duodenal ulcer: a prospective study of the effects of demographic and environmental factors and ulcer healing.
  1. R W Nasiry,
  2. J H McIntosh,
  3. K Byth,
  4. D W Piper


    The aim of this prospective study of 370 community based duodenal ulcer patients was to define the effect on duodenal ulcer course (from the aspect of symptom occurrence) of demographic and environmental factors, and of proven healing of index ulcer within four months. Follow up was three monthly, for up to three years. By survival analysis, it was found that marriage breakup adversely affected duodenal ulcer course, that age 50 years and under, female sex, and aspirin use tended to do so, and that smoking, alcohol ingestion, and paracetamol use did not. Proven healing of index ulcer within four months was associated with a small and non-significant reduction in symptom occurrence over time.

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