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Gastric mucosal protection with selective inhibition of thromboxane synthesis.
  1. R P Walt,
  2. R T Kemp,
  3. B Filipowicz,
  4. J G Davies,
  5. N K Bhaskar,
  6. C J Hawkey


    Because thromboxane synthesis enhances gastric mucosal damage we have investigated whether the thromboxane synthesis inhibitor dazmegrel might be protective to the mucosa. Dazmegrel at a dose of 1 and 5 mg per rat (4.8 and 23.8 mg/kg) significantly reduced the damage caused by acidified taurocholate. In parallel experiments dazmegrel exerted a selective and dose dependent inhibition of ex vivo thromboxane synthesis by gastric fragments over the dose range in which protection was observed. As dazmegrel can be given to man, these experiments suggest that investigation of mucosal protection would be justified.

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