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Acute ischaemic colitis in a female long distance runner.
  1. M Heer,
  2. F Repond,
  3. A Hany,
  4. H Sulser,
  5. O Kehl,
  6. K Jäger
  1. Department of Medicine, Kantonsspital Winterthur, Switzerland.


    A 34 year old female long distance runner is reported with bloody diarrhoea. Colonoscopy revealed patchy haemorrhagic mucosal lesions throughout the colon. The most extensive lesions were found in the sigmoid colon. Histologic examination disclosed mucosal haemorrhage, dilated capillaries, patchy fibrosis and superficial erosions. Additional findings in this patient were haemorrhagic gastritis, microscopic haematuria and rhabdomyolysis. The only medication taken by the patient was oral contraceptives. We conclude that ischaemic colitis is one of the possible mechanisms leading to gastrointestinal blood loss in competitive runners.

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