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Endoscopic needle aspiration cytology: a new method for the diagnosis of upper gastrointestinal cancer.
  1. C J Ingoldby,
  2. M K Mason,
  3. R I Hall
  1. Department of Surgery, St James's University Hospital, Leeds.


    A technique for obtaining needle aspiration cytology specimens from upper gastrointestinal lesions at endoscopy is described. The validity of the technique was initially confirmed by applying it to resected gastric carcinomas. Thirty seven endoscopically visualised lesions were then sampled by forceps biopsy, brush and needle cytology. Ten lesions were subsequently found to be carcinomas. Needle aspiration produced identifiable malignant cells from seven of these lesions. In two it was the only sampling method which provided the correct diagnosis. This technique may be a useful addition to conventional endoscopic sampling methods, particularly where tumours lie deep to normal mucosa, or necrotic slough.

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