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Effective intravenous cyclosporin therapy in a patient with severe Crohn's disease on parenteral nutrition.
  1. B F Allam,
  2. J E Tillman,
  3. T J Thomson,
  4. F T Crossling,
  5. L M Gilbert
  1. Department of Biochemistry, Stobhill General Hospital, Glasgow.


    We report a patient with severe Crohn's disease and the short bowel syndrome on parenteral feeding who was not responding to conventional therapy and underwent treatment with cyclosporin (CyA) given initially intravenously and subsequently orally in each of two courses. Plasma drug concentrations were largely kept within the therapeutic range but wide variability was observed on oral therapy. Improvement both clinically and by objective assessment, was observed on intravenous CyA therapy, but was not sustained when the drug was given orally for several months. None of the side effects observed resisted treatment or was severe enough to warrant discontinuation of therapy. These findings suggest that there may be a place for intravenous CyA therapy in patients with severe Crohn's disease who do not respond to conventional therapy or to oral treatment with CyA.

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