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Open access colonoscopy for suspected colonic neoplasia.
  1. J J Tate,
  2. G T Royle
  1. University Surgical Unit, Royal South Hampshire Hospital, Southampton.


    An open access endoscopy service for direct referral of patients suspected to have colonic neoplasia has been analysed. In the first year of the service 137 patients were referred by 52 general practitioners. The most common reason for referral was rectal bleeding (58%). Colonoscopy was done without outpatient consultation or barium enema examination in 130 patients: there were no complications. The diagnostic yield was 57%: 34 patients (25%) had neoplasia (cancer 14, adenoma 20), which was higher than the yield of neoplasia in patients referred for open access double contrast barium enema during the same period. Only nine patients (7%) needed further investigation because colonoscopy was incomplete and 21 (16%) were treated by polypectomy at the diagnostic colonoscopy.

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