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Invasive amoebiasis: an unusual presentation.
  1. B R Davidson,
  2. J P Neoptolemos,
  3. D Watkin,
  4. I C Talbot
  1. Department of Surgery, Leicester Royal Infirmary.


    A 63 year old Asian woman who presented with three week's abdominal pain was found to have a hard right iliac fossa mass and rectal ulceration. Profuse rectal bleeding necessitated a laparotomy. An inflammatory paracaecal mass with fistulae involving appendix, small bowel, and bladder was excised with exteriorisation of the bowel ends. Microscopy showed invasive amoebae. Re-anastomosis was successfully done after treatment with metronidazole and diloxanide. There are no previous reports of a paracaecal amoeboma with fistulae to either the appendix, or urinary bladder.

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