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Frequency of pancreatitis in fulminant hepatic failure using isoenzyme markers.
  1. R J Ede,
  2. K P Moore,
  3. W J Marshall,
  4. R Williams
  1. Liver Unit, Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London.


    Evidence of acute pancreatitis was sought in 35 patients with fulminant hepatic failure. Total amylase was raised in 22 patients and isoenzyme separation showed a distinct P3 isoenzyme (indicative of pancreatitis) in 14. In four patients with marked hyperamylasaemia (greater than 1000 U/l) the predominant isoenzyme was the salivary fraction. Pancreatic lipase was abnormally raised (greater than 200 U/l) in 34 patients but exceeded 1000 U/l in 12 of the 14 with a distinct P3 isoenzyme. Thus on the basis of a distinct P3 isoenzyme of amylase and an increased pancreatic lipase activity evidence of pancreatitis was found in 34% of patients in this series.

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