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Histological response and antigen transmission in the lymph nodes of athymic nu/nu mice inoculated with Crohn's disease tissue filtrates.
  1. J F Collins,
  2. R G Strickland,
  3. E L Kekahbah,
  4. M H Arthur,
  5. F Naeim,
  6. G L Gitnick
  1. UCLA School of Medicine 90024.


    Lymph node histology and antigen transmission in the nu/nu mouse in response to animal inoculation with Crohn's disease tissue filtrates were re-evaluated. We found that a hyperplastic lymph node response in nu/nu mice occurred with Crohn's disease (CD), ulcerative colitis (UC), or other intestinal disease (OID) tissue inoculations. In addition, antigen transmission to lymph nodes as detected by indirect immunofluorescence using CD sera was observed in all inoculation groups. The immunofluorescent reaction also occurred independently of lymph node histology. Thus, we confirm that CD sera recognize an antigen(s) expressed in lymph nodes of athymic mice inoculated with CD tissue filtrates. The antibody (or antibodies) in CD sera was not specific for this 'CD antigen or antigens', however, as tested in the nu/nu mouse system, because the CD sera antibodies also recognised antigens in UC inoculated and OID inoculated animals.

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