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Hypertrophic gastritis associated with increased gastric mucosal prostaglandin E2 concentrations in a patient with the carcinoid syndrome.
  1. E J Boyd,
  2. G Hulks,
  3. J S Thomas,
  4. K E McColl
  1. University Department of Medicine, Western Infirmary, Glasgow.


    A case of a 69 year old man in whom hypertrophic gastritis was associated with the carcinoid syndrome is reported. Concentrations of prostaglandin E2 were increased in plasma, gastric juice, gastric mucosa and urine. He had marked hypochlorhydria in response to pentagastrin stimulation (Peak acid output (PAO) pg:0.2 mmol/h). After successful hepatic arterial embolisation of the metastases (as indicated by an 85% decrease in 24 h urinary 5-HIAA) the concentrations of prostaglandin E2 decreased in the plasma, gastric juice and gastric mucosa. The gastric mucosal hypertrophy regressed and secretion of acid in response to pentagastrin returned (PAO pg:9.0 mmol/h). These findings suggest that the carcinoid tumour was producing a substance which stimulated increased local synthesis of prostaglandin E2 in the gastric mucosa, with concomitant gastric mucosal hypertrophy and inhibition of gastric acid secretion.

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