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A comparison of a series of newer anticholinergic agents with atropine as regards their effect on saliva flow and gastric secretion in man
  1. D. W. Piper,
  2. Mirjam C. Stiel


    The effect of anticholinergic agents—atropine, propantheline, oxyphencyclimine, and propionyl atropine methyl nitrate—on silva flow and on hypoglycaemic stimulated gastric secretion has been studied. The acid secretion of the nervous phase of gastric secretion was inhibited by anticholinergic drugs. They influenced gastric secretion to a greater extent than saliva flow.

    Both propantheline and oxyphencyclimine have a selective action on the stomach superior to atropine. Propionyl atropine methyl nitrate appears to have only weak anticholinergic activity in the dose recommended and is not superior to atropine.

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