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The blood volume and plasma protein levels before and after gastrectomy
  1. Alexander Swan,
  2. Geoffrey T. Allen,
  3. Norman C. Tanner


    This paper is a survey of a series of 185 plasma volume estimations carried out on 75 gastric surgical patients before and after operation at St. James's Hospital in 1958-59. In the majority of cases serum proteins were also measured. The purpose of this work was to study the effects of gastric operations, and especially of partial gastrectomy, on patients' blood volume, the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood as measured by the total circulating red cell volume, and serum protein content.

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    • 1 This project was financed by a grant from the South-West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board.

      The preliminary account of this work was given in the form of a paper read before the Joint Meeting of the Association of Clinical Pathologists and the Association of Clinical Biochemists on 1 October 1960.

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