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Total protein output during rapid reduction of bile salt secretion rates in man.
  1. P R Harvey,
  2. J L Toth,
  3. G A Upadhya,
  4. R G Ilson,
  5. S M Strasberg
  1. Department of Surgery, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada.


    An investigation was undertaken to study the effect of bile salt secretion on total biliary protein secretion in man. Bile was collected in eight patients from a tube in the bile duct. Collection was started after a meal and continued for six hours, in order to obtain bile salt secretion rates over the entire physiological range. Total protein secretion rates did not vary with change in bile salt secretion or bile flow. The protein pattern assessed by SDS-PAGE did not vary with bile salt secretion. The results indicate that bile salt secretion has little influence on biliary protein secretion under these conditions in man. Changes in bile salt secretion were associated with linear change in bile flow, but there was no relationship between bile flow and protein secretion rates. This argues against convective sieving of plasma proteins into bile.

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