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Gastric emptying in marathon runners.
  1. I Carrió,
  2. M Estorch,
  3. R Serra-Grima,
  4. M Ginjaume,
  5. R Notivol,
  6. R Calabuig,
  7. F Vilardell
  1. Nuclear Medicine Unit, Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain.


    Radionuclide gastric emptying studies using 99m-Tc human serum albumin egg omelette have been carried out in 10 long distance runners at rest and during a 90 minute run at sustained speed. Resting values are compared with controls comprising 10 sedentary subjects. Runners show a significantly accelerated basal gastric emptying (runners t 1/2 = 67.7 (5.9) min; sedentaries t 1/2 = 85.3 (4.5) min, p less than 0.001). The exercise had no significant effect on gastric emptying in these trained subjects (exercise t 1/2 = 66.8 (5.9) min, p = NS), suggesting adaptation to exercise.

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