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Systemic AA amyloidosis induced by liver cell adenoma.
  1. P Fievet,
  2. H Sevestre,
  3. M Boudjelal,
  4. L H Noel,
  5. F Kemeny,
  6. D Franco,
  7. J Delamarre,
  8. J P Capron
  1. Service de Néphrologie, Centre Hospitalier, Creil, France.


    Systemic AA amyloidosis is a rare complication of benign tumours. This report describes a patient with hepatocellular adenoma associated with reactive AA amyloidosis. He had a nephrotic syndrome with deteriorating renal function and an increase of serum concentrations of acute phase proteins, mainly C-reactive protein. Resection of the tumour was followed by improvement in renal function and a marked decrease of the serum concentrations of acute phase proteins.

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