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Liver histology and follow up of 68 patients with ulcerative colitis and normal liver function tests.
  1. U Broomé,
  2. H Glaumann,
  3. R Hultcrantz
  1. Department of Medicine, Huddinge University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.


    Hepatobiliary disorders are well known complications in patients with ulcerative colitis but it is not possible to predict those patients with ulcerative colitis who will eventually develop liver disease. In this study, liver biopsies from 74 patients with ulcerative colitis have been reevaluated. None of the patients showed clinical or biochemical signs of liver disease at the time of biopsy. Thirty seven (50%) had a completely normal liver biopsy. The others showed minimal portal inflammation or fatty infiltration. The biopsies of three patients displayed concentric, periductular fibrosis, or so called 'onion skin' lesions. None showed other signs of fibrosis or cirrhosis. The histological findings were unrelated to either activity or extent of colitis, except for the onion skin lesions which were seen exclusively in biopsies of patients with involvement of the total colon. Sixty eight of the 74 patients were reviewed after a mean interval of 18 years. The majority had no symptoms of hepatobiliary disorders and only two had developed liver disease; one suffered from cryptogenic cirrhosis, possibly due to non-A, non-B hepatitis and the other of an autoimmune liver disease and later developed a bile duct carcinoma. Both were women with total colonic involvement. At the time of the first liver biopsy one showed no histological abnormalities and the other only minor fatty infiltration. Thus, minor abnormalities in liver tissue are common in patients with ulcerative colitis without biochemical evidence of liver disease. The morphological changes are of little help in predicting the future risk of a patient with ulcerative colitis developing a clinically relevant hepatobiliary complication. The absence of biochemical parameters for liver disease during the early years of ulcerative colitis predict a favourable longterm diagnosis as regards hepatobiliary complications.

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