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Relation between T cell number and epithelial HLA class II expression quantified by image analysis in normal and inflamed human gastric mucosa.
  1. K Valnes,
  2. H S Huitfeldt,
  3. P Brandtzaeg
  1. Institute of Pathology, University of Oslo, National Hospital, Oslo, Norway.


    Epithelial expression of HLA class II determinants and the number of lamina propria and intraepithelial T cells were quantified in gastric body mucosa by means of paired immunofluorescence staining which was subjected to computerised image analysis. In normal mucosa, epithelial HLA-DR expression was virtually absent. A significantly increased expression was seen in simple chronic gastritis, most extensively in the isthmus zone, where a positive reaction was seen in 34% of the epithelial area when the gastritis was of low degree and in 85% when it was of moderate severity. The most extensive HLA-DR expression was found in moderate 'stump gastritis' 28 to 32 years after Billroth II resections. In these patients the epithelial area in the foveolar and isthmus zones showed 83% and 92% positive responses, respectively. The HLA subregion products were expressed in a differential manner (DR greater than DP greater than DQ). The number of both intraepithelial and lamina propria T cells increased significantly with increasing severity of gastritis, and the fraction of putative memory T cells was also raised. Correlation analyses showed a positive relation between the epithelial expression of HLA-DR and the intraepithelial as well as the lamina propria density of T cell. These results suggest a biological link between T cells, aberrant HLA-DR expression, and gastritis, although the pathogenic importance of this relation is unknown. Enhanced epithelial presentation of autoantigens or luminal antigens, or both leading to increased activation of T cells is one possible explanation.

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