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Human migrating myoelectric complex in relation to gastrointestinal transit of a meal.
  1. J L Madsen,
  2. K Dahl
  1. Department of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark.


    Feeding interrupts the migrating myoelectric complex in most mammals. This study aimed to assess whether resumption of the migrating myoelectric complex in the human duodenum after eating was related to the gastrointestinal transit of the meal. Five healthy subjects participated in the study. After eating a radiolabelled test meal consisting of mixed liquid and solids, duodenal myoelectric activity and gastrointestinal transit of the meal were determined simultaneously. In spite of considerable variation in entire gastric emptying time between subjects (range 2.5-5.0 hours), significant correlation was found between the completion of gastric emptying and the resumption of duodenal phase III activity within subjects (p less than 0.01). A new technique for recording the duodenal myoelectric activity was used.

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