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Autoimmune chronic active hepatitis in a family.
  1. S Hodges,
  2. A Lobo-Yeo,
  3. P Donaldson,
  4. M S Tanner,
  5. D Vergani
  1. Department of Child Health, Leicester Royal Infirmary.


    A positive family history of autoimmune disease is common among patients with autoimmune chronic active hepatitis, but usually autoimmunity is directed at organs other than the liver. We document for the first time the multiple occurrence of autoimmune chronic active hepatitis in a family. Out of a sibship of seven, three sisters developed this, one sister developed coeliac and autoimmune thyroid disease, one sister showed serological signs of autoimmunity, while the two brothers were well with no signs of autoimmunity. HLA typing showed that in association with the female sex DR3 seems to be more important than B8 in conferring susceptibility to autoimmune chronic active hepatitis, at least in this family.

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