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Persistence of symptoms after gall bladder clearance with cholecystolithotripsy.
  1. S H Lee,
  2. H J Burhenne
  1. Department of Radiology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.


    Forty six patients rendered stone and fragment free with successful cholecystolithotripsy without the use of oral chemolitholysis were followed by serial ultrasound for a period of two to 25 months (mean 11 months, median 10 months). Seven patients (15%), six of whom remain asymptomatic, developed recurrent calculi. Of the 39 gall stone free patients, 26 were asymptomatic. Six patients complained of persistent abdominal pain similar to that before treatment. One of these had a bile duct stone. Seven patients complained of a variety of non-biliary symptoms. The patient with recurrent gall stones and recurrent symptoms is eligible for further lithotripsy treatment. The overall 30% incidence of persistent abdominal symptoms is similar to that reported after elective cholecystectomy.

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