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Endoscopic ultrasound for localisation of islet cell tumours.
  1. J R Glover,
  2. P J Shorvon,
  3. W R Lees
  1. Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Middlesex Hospital, London.


    In a prospective study endoscopic ultrasound localisation of pancreatic endocrine tumours was attempted in 21 patients with clinically suspected islet cell tumours. Most patients were referred after the failure of conventional imaging methods. Endoscopic ultrasound correctly identified the site of 12 of 15 insulinomas, one glucagonoma, and a diffuse pancreatic abnormality in a patient with multiple endocrine adenopathy. There were two true negative examinations and one technical failure. The sensitivity of endoscopic ultrasound was much greater than that of computed tomography or conventional transabdominal ultrasonography.

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