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Oesophageal motility, luminal pH, and electrocardiographic-ST segment analysis during spontaneous episodes of angina like chest pain.
  1. D G Hick,
  2. J F Morrison,
  3. J F Casey,
  4. W al-Ashhab,
  5. G J Williams,
  6. G A Davies
  1. Cardiac Research Unit, Killingbeck Hospital, Leeds.


    The relation between oesophageal motility, luminal pH, and spontaneous pain events in 47 patients with recurrent angina like pain and normal coronary arteries was investigated. Preliminary investigation by conventional station pull through manometry (SPTM), was followed by a 24 hour period of ambulatory oesophageal motility and luminal pH monitoring. Computerised analysis of motility and pH data recorded during chest pain was then compared with pre-elected control samples taken before and after symptoms. Concurrent real time electrocardiographic (ECG)-ST segment analysis was performed to catalogue any ECG-STT wave changes indicative of myocardial ischaemia. SPTM showed a high group percentage incidence of simultaneous contractions (mean (SD) 11.1 (2.3)%) and a raised lower oesophageal sphincter tone (57.4 (15.2) mm Hg). During ambulatory monitoring, 35 patients experienced one or more episode of angina, providing a total of 59 pain events, although no significant change in group motility and reflux parameters peculiar to episodes of chest pain were found. Ischaemic ECG changes were detected in 10 (21%) patients, but were accompanied by pain in only two. Independent analysis of the ECG traces corresponding to these purported ischaemic ECG events determined them unequivocal in three patients and probable in a further two. No apparent correlation was noted, however, between these ECG events and corresponding patterns of motility or reflux.

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