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Incidence of ulcerative colitis in Cardiff over 20 years: 1968-87.
  1. E D Srivastava,
  2. J F Mayberry,
  3. T J Morris,
  4. P M Smith,
  5. G T Williams,
  6. G M Roberts,
  7. R G Newcombe,
  8. J Rhodes
  1. Department of Gastroenterology, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff.


    The annual incidence of ulcerative colitis in the city of Cardiff was examined over a 20 year period. In the decade 1968-77, the mean annual incidence was 6.4 per 10(5) of the population compared with 6.3 for the period 1978-87. There was no difference in the distribution or extent of the disease between decades or between sexes. This contrasts with the increased incidence of Crohn's disease during the same period. The study included a survey of family practitioners which identified a further 19 patients (11% of the total).

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