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Interferon alfa-2b for decompensated liver disease caused by either chronic hepatitis B or C: preliminary results of a pilot study.
  1. M Dimopoulou,
  2. K Fafoutis,
  3. K Basiliou,
  4. J Ketikoglou,
  5. G Karvountzis
  1. State Department of Medicine, Hippokration Hospital, Athens, Greece.


    This pilot study was designed to assess the tolerance and effectiveness of interferon alfa-2b in patients with decompensated liver disease caused by chronic hepatitis B (n = 7) or C (n = 5). Preliminary results suggest that patients may benefit from small doses of interferon (improvement in liver function tests and reduction in alanine aminotransferase), although the decreased tolerance and dose dependent increase in side effects in these patients with liver disease underlines the need for close follow up and the dose adjustment of interferon treatment.

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