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Zidovudine plus interferon alfa-2b treatment in patients with HIV and chronic active viral hepatitis.
  1. G Visco,
  2. L Alba,
  3. S Grisetti,
  4. P Guarascio,
  5. P Narciso,
  6. P Sette,
  7. C Struglia,
  8. G Tossini,
  9. V Tozzi
  1. L. Spallanzani Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Rome, Italy.


    Results are reported for a small study of 11 patients positive for HIV and with chronic active viral hepatitis. Low dose zidovudine/interferon alfa-2b combined treatment produced a general reduction in alanine aminotransferase activities and increased the CD4 lymphocyte count, hepatitis B e seroconversion, and the loss of HIV p24 antigen. The treatment was well tolerated and progression of HIV disease was not seen.

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