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Long term treatment of chronic hepatitis C with interferon alfa-2b: disappearance of HCV-RNA in a pilot study of eight haemophilia patients.
  1. D Bresters,
  2. E P Mauser-Bunschoten,
  3. H T Cuypers,
  4. J H Han,
  5. P L Jansen,
  6. R A Chamuleau,
  7. M Houghton,
  8. H W Reesink
  1. Central Laboratory of The Netherlands Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, Amsterdam.


    This pilot study was designed to establish the effect of long term alpha interferon treatment in haemophilia patients with chronic hepatitis C. Overall, three of eight (37.5%) patients showed a complete response, three of eight (37.5%) a transient response, and two of eight (25.0%) no response. HCV-RNA detection by polymerase chain reaction was more sensitive in detecting relapse than alanine amino-transferase (ALT) activity measurement, suggesting that current interferon schedules based on the ALT response should be re-evaluated critically.

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