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Hepatitis C virus markers in patients with acute post-transfusion hepatitis treated with interferon alfa-2b.
  1. J Genesca,
  2. J I Esteban,
  3. J Quer,
  4. L L Viladomiu,
  5. A Gonzalez,
  6. R Esteban,
  7. J Guardia
  1. Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital General Universitario Valle de Hebrón, Barcelona, Spain.


    This trial was undertaken to establish the long term biochemical and serological outcome of patients with acute post-transfusion hepatitis C virus infection after treatment with interferon alfa-2b. After 12 months, 12 patients (eight treated, four controls) had self limited disease and 16 patients (seven treated, nine controls) had chronic disease. After a total mean 31 months of follow up in 23 patients, nine (six treated, three controls) had self limited disease while 14 (five treated, nine controls) developed chronic liver disease; all patients with spontaneous or self limited hepatitis C (HCV) infection maintained normal serum alanine amino-transferase activity and absence of HCV-RNA, and tended to lose anti-HCV antibodies.

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