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Painful rib syndrome--a review of 76 cases.
  1. E M Scott,
  2. B B Scott
  1. Department of Medicine, County Hospital, Lincoln.


    The painful rib syndrome consists of three features: pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen, a tender spot on the costal margin, and reproduction of the pain on pressing the tender spot. This is a common cause for referral to a general medical/gastroenterology clinic, accounting for 3% of new referrals in Lincoln. Seventy six consecutive patients were studied. The mean age was 48 years and 70% were women. Forty three per cent had been investigated, often extensively, before referral, and eight had had a non-curative cholecystectomy. The case notes from all patients were reviewed and a follow up questionnaire was sent after a mean period of four years to those 72 still alive, of which 56 replied. Thirty nine (70%) still had the pain although all except three had learnt to live with it. Despite a firm diagnosis being given, 25 (33%) patients were referred again to hospital by their general practitioner. All further investigations were negative apart from the finding of gall stones in three patients. The four patients who died had died from unrelated causes. The painful rib syndrome is common but underdiagnosed. It is a safe, clinical diagnosis requiring no investigation. Systematic firm palpation of the costal margin in recommended in all patients presenting with pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen.

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