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Lithotripsy of an impacted calcified stone in the cystic duct accompanied by cholecystitis in severe Crohn's disease.
  1. U Stölzel,
  2. C Koszka,
  3. M Gregor,
  4. K Ziegler,
  5. T Zimmer,
  6. E O Riecken
  1. Department of Gastroenterology, Klinikum Steglitz, Free University of Berlin, Germany.


    A 35 year old women patient with Crohn's disease and previous multiple abdominal operations presented with a calcified stone of 12 mm diameter in the cystic duct giving rise to cholecystitis. The surgeons declined to operate because of extensive intra-abdominal adhesions caused by multiple intestinal resections and chronic enterocutaneous fistulas. It was possible to fragment the stone in three lithotripsy sessions. The fragments were excreted spontaneously through the ductus choledochus and the cholecystitis was cured by antibiotic treatment. The patient remained symptom free after 12 months.

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