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Morphometric analysis of intestinal mucosa. V. Quantitative histological and immunocytochemical studies of rectal mucosae in gluten sensitivity.
  1. A Ensari,
  2. M N Marsh,
  3. D E Loft,
  4. S Morgan,
  5. K Moriarty
  1. University Department of Medicine, Hope Hospital, Salford, Manchester.


    To study changes in rectal mucosa that might be attributable to the effects of gluten, rectal biopsy specimens from untreated and treated gluten sensitised subjects were analysed morphometrically and by immunohistochemical techniques and were compared with a series of disease control mucosae. Although morphometry showed increased populations of plasma cells, lymphocytes, and mast cells in the mucosae of untreated patients, which were reduced (except for mast cells) by dietary gluten restriction, immunohistochemical techniques were far more sensitive in defining these changes. There were highly significant increases in CD3+ and gamma delta+ lymphocytes within both the lamina propria and the epithelium while neutrophils (CD15+ cells) were not at all prominent. Activated (CD25+) lymphocytes expressing interleukin (IL)-2 receptors were increased in lamina propria, usually subjacent to basal lamina, although a few IL-2R+ intraepithelial lymphocytes were found: other IL-2R+ cells were deemed to be macrophages (CD68+). These results clearly indicate that in untreated, gluten sensitised subjects the rectal mucosa shows a lymphoplasmacytoid reaction that is responsive to gluten restriction. The absence of neutrophilia suggests that this lesion is not a conventional inflammatory type proctitis, but rather one presumed to be induced by gluten antigen(s) present in the faecal stream--that is, a cell mediated form of response.

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