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Natural course of operated pseudocysts in chronic pancreatitis.
  1. A Löhr-Happe,
  2. M Peiper,
  3. P G Lankisch
  1. Department of Internal Medicine, Municipal Hospital of Lüneburg, Germany.


    A longterm review (median follow up 11 years) of the postoperative course of pancreatic pseudocysts was undertaken in 55 patients with chronic pancreatitis. While 96% of the patients were free of pain immediately after the operation this figure fell to 53% subsequently. Alcohol abstinence did not significantly reduce pain. Endocrine pancreatic deterioration (60%) was significantly (p = 0.0059) more frequent than exocrine (38%). Unemployment increased from 2 to 41%; retirement rose from 0 to 33%, mainly as a result of pancreatitis. Twenty one (38%) patients died. Chronic pancreatitis related death rate was 14%. Three patients died of extrapancreatic carcinomas.

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